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Thanks for this inspiring post Sam! These considerations seem to be ever at the forefront of my mind these days, especially as I have taken the plunge into fly fishing retail.

As a retailer attempting to make a living selling fly gear, the conservation mindset and ethic becomes even more important than the average angler. I'm continually amazed at how most retailers seem to consider themselves immune to the responsibility of preaching conservation.

My sincere hope is that I can someday build my operation to a level that will allow me to make some real changes and real contributions to the conservation landscape. Thanks for keeping us honest.


Amen. The waters are murky and it takes some discernement sometimes to know who's helping and who's hurting.

Keep up the good fight, Sam.


Either speak up or get off the water.

Agreed. It's imperative that we answer every nay sayer at every opportunity and let no slight go unanswered. The future of our sport and in fact our whole planet demands rebuttal of the ignore science crowd.

April Vokey- FlyGal Ventures

Thank you for the beautiful truth that you have shared with such class.
You are so incredibly right about the duty that we owe our beloved fisheries and all of the wonders and life that encompass them.

Personally, there is no room in my life for people who don't acknowledge this duty... From time to time I feel like perhaps I am too harsh on these people, however, after reading your post, you have reminded me that I have made (and will continue to make) the right decisions about such individuals.

Educate you once and I will open my door to you. Educate you twice and you can see your way out.

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